Monday, February 18, 2013

Tant Pis

Tant pis, (pronounced tan pee) can signify a range of emotions from "never mind" to "tough sh*t".

Voyez et écoutez Joyce Jonathan chante Tant pis:

From the lyrics and the refrain:

J'ai beau faire le tour du monde.
I am making a grand tour of the world
(or, I could make a trip around the world)

Mais tout me ramène à toi
But everything reminds me of you.

T'es partout à la fois 
You are everywhere at once

Il y a d'autres histoires d'amour qui n'attendent que moi
There are other loves that won't wait just for me

Mais tant pis
But tough sh*t (Never mind, Too bad)

C'est avec toi que je me sens 
It is with you that I am alive (feel)

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